A new feature, “Japan Immigration News Archives” has been added to the “Nishiyama Immigration Service” homepage. This is an archive version of the news displayed on the top page. This is a “summary” site that carefully selects news related to immigration and residence from various news media.

The following tags are available at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to narrow down your search using desired keywords.

All  Status Of Residence  Specified Skilled Worker  Technical Intern Training  Special Permission to Stay  Permanent Resident  Long Term Resident  Inspection  Immigration Law  Illegal Stay  Highly Skilled Professional  Designated Activities  Court  Refugee Status  Immigration Policy  Complementary Protection 

The following example is when you want to narrow down the articles by the theme of “Specified Skilled Worker”.

Next, if you narrow down your search by “Special Permit for Residence”, the result will be as follows.

Japan Immigration News

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