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Due to the rapidly declining birthrate and labor shortage, Japan’s immigration policies and systems are entering a period of transformation as shown below.

  • Opening the door to attracting overseas labor represented by the status of residence “Specified Skilled Worker”
  • Abolishing the status of residence “Technical Intern Training”, which was based on the pretext of international contribution, and creating “Training Employment”
  • Relaxation of various qualification requirements to attract more talent
  • Revision of the Immigration Control Law with an eye to the increase in foreign residents
    • System reform based on human rights considerations (the “carrot” part)
    • Strengthening the crackdown on illegal entry, overstaying, and working, and stricter system operation (the “stick” part)

On the other hand, various problems and issues related to foreign residents have also arisen.

  • Missing foreigners and their crime
  • Spontaneous occurrence of foreign villages, troubles with neighbors caused by cultural differences
  • Human rights consideration/welfare policy (livelihood protection, etc.)

Today, not a day goes by that we don’t see a news release like the one above. I will compile these as immigration/residence-related news on the “Nishiyama Immigration Service” homepage, and also write down my thoughts on this blog from a practical perspective as an Japan Immigration Specialist.

I hope that employers and foreign nationals will find this information useful.

(Japanese version of this blog is also available.)

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