When mid- to long-term residents apply for permission to extend their period of stay or change their status of residence in order to continue residing in Japan, it is common for them to go to a local office of the Immigration Bureau with documents.

At this time, in addition to submitting the application form and attached documents, the applicant will also be asked to present your residence card and passport.

When we, administrative scriveners, handle an application, we receive the original residence card and passport from the applicant. (In exchange, we will give him/her a copy and a receipt.)

I wondered the treatment when online and thought I would need to attach a copy after masking it if necessary, so I contacted the Immigration Bureau.

In conclusion, if you apply online, you are not required to present (submit) your residence card and passport.

Instead, when you receive permission and visit the Immigration Bureau to collect your residence card (you will have to pay a fee at this time), you will be required to present both documents.

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