Many of you probably know that in order for foreigners to stay in Japan, they need to go through various procedures for applying for residence, including issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility, permission to change the status of residence, and permission to extend the period of stay.

Previously, these applications had been accepted on paper at local offices of the Immigration Services Agency, but from 2019, the Immigration Services Agency released the online residence application system (hereinafter referred to as “Residency Online”), which allows them to be processed online.

The proportion of online applications is still around 10% of the total, but in July 2022, a new specification for connecting to residence online via Mynaportal API was introduced by the Digital Agency and Immigration Bureau. (Information in another system or tool will be linked to Residence Online without having to input it directly to Residence Online.)

I am the representative of Nishiyama Chizai Co., Ltd., which develops systems, and am also an administrative scrivener who can mediate residence applications. With this experience and qualifications as a background, since last summer we have been building a new residence application management system (system name: NICRAS) in line with the specifications. After testing and approval from both parties, the service has been released yesterday.

For more information on our services, please visit the Nishiyama Immigration Service website.

As an administrative scrivener, I receive the applicant’s information in an Excel template and send it electronically along with the attached documents in PDF format. The streamlined process allows us to process large volumes at a low cost.

As an administrative scrivener, in addition to simply accepting applications from the applicant (foreign national) or the accepting organization (company/organization) as an agent, I am planning to expand this solution to the following fields.

  • A form in which the residence application process for managing foreigners is outsourced from the company etc. to us
  • Link a company’s human resources management system with NICRAS using API (new development is required for this).

If you are interested, such as managers of companies/organizations that employ foreign nationals, people in foreign human resources management departments, etc., we would appreciate it if you could contact us.

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